For Sale: Used Kistler Force Plate and Accessories

$23, 921 USD new, asking $15,000 USD OBO
Purchased 2018, gently used and well maintained

force plate.png


- Type 9286B 3D Force Plate portable (0...10kN)

Robust and portable force plate, 600x400x35 mm, with excellent accuracy of the center of pressure (COP), for Gait and Balance Analysis, int. Electronics. Large measuring range, easy Installation for versatile and mobile use. With Integral Charge Amplifier.

- Aluminum Top Plate, Weight 17.5 kg, Degree of Protection IP52

-1759A10 Connecting Cable for Types 9281EA, 9287CA to Type 5691A, L = 10 m. Angle-Connector Fischer 19 pin, male - D-Sub 37 female, Degree of Protection IP63.

- 5691A2 DAQ type 5691 incl. Kistler MARS full version for up to 2 FP with int. charge amplifier

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