HI, I am 28 years old male. I have been weight training for over an year. I deadlifts and squats make my lower back hurt but only on the left side. My lower back muscles on the left hand side are always stiff even when there is no pain. If I bend my back backwards I will be able to feel my left handside lower back before right hand side as if the muscles on the left are shorter. Pain goes away and comes back whenever I start training heavy again. I don't think its the form.
I don't think I its lateral tilt pelvis. Today I looked into the mirror and placed my fingers at the edge of the pelvis and it seems to be alright. However, I tried pelvic raises, one side at a time while standing . The right hand side was smooth, but I noticed there is a slight jerk or locking as I lift my left side of pelvis. Does it mean something?
I have no trouble raising either of my legs up as of now. But I do have pain and tightness in the left hand side.
Also, please not that I had an appendectomy appendectomy 12 years ago. There is a scar on the right side of my abdomen. Could it be that? Could it be weak abdominal muscles? Weak glutes? What I have no idea.

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