Again, itís back. After playing a casual game of football my lower right back feels tight and in agony and any sort of movement which involves stretching or flexing it causes more aggregation. My right gluteus also feels in pain but not as severe. This will now last for a few days or weeks.

During everyday life my lower right back always feels weaker and is easily triggered, when i walk i even feel a click every time I step.

This injury has been repeating itself over years now and after 3-4 different physios and multiple GP visits no one has found a solution, even after an MRI scan there was nothing found.

The only clues i have found over the years as to what the problem may be is something to do with fast growth as Iím 6Ē3 and have always been extremely active. Also I tore my hip flexor around 2017/18 and never got any physiotherapy for it which may have weakened that area.

This returning again has severely affected my mental health, motivation and overall mindset. I havenít broke down like this for years, i feel weak, helpless and incapable again. It affects my professional life as now i feel unable to do my job and social life because thatís all i can focus on and makes me repel people away. Just feel useless overall, please help iíll pay for a specialist if I have to as fixing this is the most valuable thing in my life to me at the moment.

Please donít just refer me to the NHS as Iíve been many times and havenít had a single positive experience or outcome with them.

Thanks for reading

Iím a 19 year old Male, 6Ē3Ē in height

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