I am in the UK on a spouse visa, with indefinite leave to enter and have a national insurance number so can legally work in the UK as well.

I have a Bachelor in Physiotherapist degree from Gujarat, India. I also have 6 months of experience as part of a full time internship that was part of the degree.

Currently I do voluntary work at an MS Therapy centre, who have been impressed and pleased with me.

I applied for my HCPC and have got a response saying they need further verification on the following:

-The ability to use appropriate assessment techniques.
-The ability to evaluate and analyse information gained from assessment.
-The ability to reach a diagnosis.
-The ability to create a treatment plan based on her own knowledge and clinical reason changes and modifications to this plan.

Please can anyone advise how and what will act as EVIDENCE to the above?

I need to respond to them asap, so please, any help here will be appreciated.

Many Thanks

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