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    Working in France

    Does anyone out there have any experience or advice about working as a physio in france?

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    first of all, do you speak and write fluent French? If your answer is no well get started.
    Recognition of your diplome: official translation of diplome as well as extended information about the curriculum.
    When you are officially recognised you are most likely asked to do 1-3 months of adjusting, as a 'student', in a hospital which will provide you with the essentials about paediatrics.
    Then you can go ahead: register yourself at a local level as a physiotherapist (within a district e.g. Bretagne).
    Then you have to register also with all sorts of officials but this will show itself as soon as you are able to get a full registration as a 'kinesitherapeute'.
    By the way physiotherapy in France is rather different then in the UK: No acupuncture no manipulations, do as you are told (GP's will prescribe what you have to do). If you can live with that go ahead.
    You need also a "carte d'identite' otherwise you cannot work in France, you can get one if you have a job lined up but it will take about 1-2 months.
    The whole process in case you really push yourself, (warning do not attemp to push any athorities! because you will pay for that with a delay in processing your application), is about 6-12 months.
    Last but not least: Remember that bureaucracy is likely invented in France. French language is an international language and the French are proud of it and they are fairly nationalistic.
    Take contact with the French organisation of Kinesitherapy which has a webside but this might be hard to find but will give you a lot of information. Also use the website of 'Departement de commerce et de travail which will provide you with general but necessary information and likely a step to step guide of to get registered. Seeking a job is now via the internet but the telecom has their own internet system, now what outdated but it was available prior to the ineternational one and some people will still use it for job advertisments. Bonne chance!

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