I have 2 bulging discs in my cervical spine (c6/c7 level) with some nerve impingement at the exit route on the left side. I also have a full thickness tear in one of the tendons in my left shoulder (do not know which tendon, as am still waiting to be seen by another specialist, who apparentley is more clued up with shoulders than the spinal surgeon, who gave me my Wikipedia reference-linkMRI results).

In the meantime, I was referred for physio on my neck (to help strengthen my neck muscles). In 2007 I was told I had wear and tear on my cervical spine, the most recent scan, shows the 2 bulging discs etc.

Anyway, I had my first lot of physio yesterday, and the physiotherapist, said, my referral related to wear and tear. I explained that I had seen the scan images and had been told about the torn tendon in my shoulder and the bulging discs, but she had no copies of the scans for this. I assumed the physio that I would be having, would take into account all what is wrong. She went on to manipulate the back of my neck, and manipulate my injured shoulder (all of which was painful) she then manouvered both arms, into some pretty awkward positions, which produced a sharp pain, in my injured shoulder aswell as pain, in my neck (a kind of a pain I hadn't experienced before). For the rest of yesterday, I had much more pain in my shoulder, than usual, aswell as increased neck pain. I now have less movement in my shoulder and am still in more pain than usual.

Really I just wondered, if this is normal. My husband and Father think, the physio shouldn't have been started on my neck until the tendon in my shoulder has been repaired.

Any advice, would be appreciated.

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